Intermediary between banks and borrowers who wish to carry out a project, the loan broker has a central role to facilitate a real estate purchase.

Its role is not limited to finding the best rate. Solicited by more and more French people, the loan broker offers a global mission that brings many advantages: negotiation of more advantageous conditions, saving time and saving money… let’s review the advantages of the credit broker.

What is a loan broker?

loan broker?

The reflex of most individuals looking for credit is to contact only their own bank. Without consulting the offers offered by the rest of the credit organizations, choosing “his” banker is reassuring. For the sake of simplicity, but also for fear of having to spend too much time multiplying appointments and meeting the demands of banks, borrowers are too often satisfied with their bank … which is not always the best way to make!

It is possible to take out a loan with any of the lending organizations

Above all, by going elsewhere for financing for a real estate project, you often have a lot to gain! If you are already a customer in a bank, and you ask it for a real estate project, it is not always in your interest to offer you improved conditions and will rather try to increase your margin because you are already loyal.

This is why it is therefore strongly advised to compare the offers of the greatest number of banks with a view to obtaining the most advantageous conditions.

It is with this in mind that the loan broker intervenes. His mission? Be an intermediary between you and the banks. Its objective is to find and negotiate for you the loan most suited to your situation and your current needs. For this, the loan broker has a network of banking partners with whom he is used to interacting. He knows the commercial policies of the different market players and can know if your profile is relevant or not according to the banks. Indeed, banks often seek to diversify their clientele and target certain borrowers. With his role as intermediary, his sense of advice and his action geared towards your needs, your credit broker recommends the best option. It will guide you through offers and banking establishments.

Why use an Fine Banks broker?

The expertise of our credit advisers, as well as local and national partnerships with more than 100 banks, allow us to negotiate the best conditions for you. Our teams are there to help you achieve an optimized loan.

  • An attractive rate : the rate of credit you get is faithful to market trends and consistent with your risk profile, the amount requested and the expected repayment period.
  • More advantageous conditions : if you want to obtain special conditions for your loan and negotiate certain clauses, your loan broker will accompany you. It helps you to obtain a greater margin of negotiation and to have certain facilities depending on the quality of your file. He argues and defends your profile.
  • Optimized processing times : between your request for support, questioning the banks and editing offers, you can count on short periods. In order not to waste time in your property purchase project, which is already too often a source of stress, we assure you a complete and rapid follow-up.
  • A transparent method of remuneration : as is the case for most intermediaries in the profession, the loan broker Fine Banks receives fees. These costs are taken into account in the overall budget of the operation. You don’t have to pay for them separately.

A mortgage broker is much more than an intermediary! He is your advisor to help you save time, optimize your financing and reduce the total cost of your loan.

When should you contact an Fine Banks loan broker?

When should you contact an Astro Credits loan broker?

Fine Banks brokers are financing generalists. This means that they can assist you in all of your financing procedures: property loan, loan repurchase, personal loan, consumer loan, bridge loan, work loan, repurchase of undivided shares (balance), repurchase, loan professional…

Whatever your problem, we search with you the most suitable solution and ensure the entire research process until the loan is obtained.

In addition, we agree not to collect any fees before obtaining funds. Purchase of main residence, rental investment or tax exemption operation, optimize your real estate project with dedicated support by Fine Banks.