Land for credit, or a bank offer for farmers

On the other hand, good quality plots reach prices from 35 thousand.

USD per hectare … The concentration of the acreage in the countryside is a factor driving market demand and, as a consequence, a further increase in land prices.

Therefore, if we plan to buy land, let’s try to realistically assess our own financial capabilities. The more that the purchase of agricultural land may already be sufficiently high expenditure for our home budget.

Due to such a rapid increase in land prices and favorable economic conditions, the demand for loans for the purchase of land is also growing.

How and where to borrow the cheapest? For example, it is worth remembering not to overpay, e.g. when it comes to credit insurance. Thanks to e.g. Good Finance, we don’t have to overstate these costs.

To the bank with the policy


When applying for a high loan and considering the rules of its repayment, it should be remembered that many banks require the borrower to secure the repayment of the loan in the form of life insurance.

The policy, often purchased individually by the customer, increases the monthly loan installment by several dozen or even several USD. In this case, it is worth using the Good Finance insurance offer negotiated for borrowers by the bank.

Then the amount of the insurance premium may not only be more attractive but also the insurance offer may be wider for the client. The client receives insurance as if in a “joint package” – together with a loan.

Not just a secure loan


Insurance under Good Finance covers, for example, the borrower’s life and health. By supplementing the policy with additional options, the client may be insured in the event of serious illness or loss of work or inability to perform it as a result of deterioration of health and, as a result, difficulties in paying off the loan.

Such insurance is not only collateral for the bank granting the loan for the purchase of land, but also for the borrower’s family. In the event of the borrower’s death, it would be for the closest relatives to pay the loan.

Who is Good Finance?


Good Finance Director of the Concordia Group personal insurance office.

Good Finance is gaining more and more popularity in our country. Bank customers who are at least 18 years old and whose age at the end of the loan period will not exceed 85 years may join the group life insurance for borrowers.

Depending on the type and amount of the loan, the most suitable insurance is offered to the borrower.

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